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Menu Placemats
kids menu

Kidstar offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. There is a customizable area included on each piece. Prices start as low as .085 per placemat.

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Kid Cups
kids cups

Kidstar offers a wide variety of kids cups made to fit any specific need. Kidstar kids cups are manufactured with a variety of materials ranging from Injection Molded Plastic to Paper. Prices start as low as .093 per cup/lid.

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Coloring Books
coloring book

We have many 4 page and 8 page coloring booklets. All designs are customizable for personalization. Prices start as low as .088 per booklet.

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All of our crayons are made with soybean oil and are completely safe for children as well as the environment. Prices start as low as .029 per crayon.

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Combo Packages
value pack

Our Kidstar Combo Packages come complete with everything you need to entertain your young guests, all in one box. These Combo Packages are perfect for small bars, restaurants and other related businesses.

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Other Products
wikki stix

Kidstar is extremely proud of the products provided to businesses in the community. There are additional products available to keep your young customers happy so don’t forget to take a look around!

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