Placemats & Booklets

Each and every Kidstar Placemat and Coloring Book is customizable. This makes it simple to turn these fun items into a custom kids menu perfect for any restaurant, large or small. Customization can be done to promote your business even further with the addition of a black or gray scale logo which can be easily added to each and every placemat or coloring book purchased.

Wild West Placemat

There are absolutely no set up charges lightening the financial burden experienced by many businesses today. The menu can also be changed at any time with no additional charges to worry about. We feel that every business should have the same opportunities and we take necessary steps to help make it happen.

While other companies out there today set extremely high minimum orders, Kidstar keeps its minimum order amount at only 250 placemats or booklets per design. Customized placemats and coloring books are priced just slightly higher than non-customized placemats and coloring books. The process is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply select the customization option when you place your order. You will then need to email your business logo and menu items to [email protected]. You will receive a return email with a proof of your customization for approval before the placemats will finally go to printing. Your customized placemats are typically shipped within a day of approval.

Sports Spectacular Placemat

Full Color Logo and Menu Items

We can do your customization in full color with a minimum order of 25,000 placemats. Please call or email for pricing.

Complete Custom Placemat or Coloring Books

We can design a custom theme for you if none of our themes fit your needs. The minimum order for a custom design is 25,000 placemats. The one-time custom design charge is $500.00. Please call or email for pricing.

Soybean or Wax Crayons

Please call or email for pricing.

Kid Cups

The minimum order for a custom designed kid cup is 25,000. Please call or email for pricing.