About Us

Our Story

We believe that happy, entertained children not only improve the dining experience for families and other patrons, but also lead to repeat business for restaurants and kid-friendly venues.

Years ago we realized that it was very expensive for a small, independent restaurant to provide a quality, full color, professionally designed Kid Menu or Activity placemat to their customers. This makes it hard to compete with the big chains. Therefore, we came up with a way to reduce the cost to the individual restaurant by offering creative, fun, colorful placemats that can be customized for use as a Kid’s Menu for a fraction of the cost.

Our Promise

Restaurant and venue owners have their hands full. Designing placemats and cups that appeal to young diners is just one more item to add to an already exhaustive to-do list. We get that.

We take care of the product development process. Kidstar hires the artists, takes care of the set-up costs, and orders the necessary materials. We even offer product customization so you can brand the materials with your business name, logo and menu items.

Kidstar continues to implement special programs such as our children’s program for hotels hospitals and restaurants. These are in addition to our current service of providing quality restaurant and hotel children’s placemats to those businesses with a desire to provide that personal touch for current, as well as potential customers. It is our intention to have our restaurant and hotel children’s placemats restaurant supplies in restaurants and hotels nationwide.

Kidstar provides restaurants and other venues with kid-friendly placements, cups, crayons and other products with three goals in mind:

1. Be the single, affordable and reliable source for businesses in need of kid-friendly products.
2. Provide environmentally-friendly products that keep kids engaged (and parents happy).
3. Help our clients create loyal customers.

Our Products & Support

We have an extensive product list of kid and environmentally-friendly items designed to meet all needs and budgets. Because we provide a variety of designs and themes, business owners can offer their youngest patrons something new each visit so they don’t get bored with the same kid menu every time they come in.

We’ve got a great team here at Kidstar. And we’re here to help if you have any questions or need guidance when it comes to placing an order. View our products or contact us directly by email: [email protected], or by phone at: (888) KID-MENU (888-543-6368).

We look forward to working together!

–Ken & Christine Thiesen