Coloring Books

Coloring Activity Books for Kids

8-Page Coloring Books and 4-Page Activity Booklets

Bored, unhappy children can be a disruption for your entire restaurant. Instead, give families a positive dining experience that keeps them coming back and double the fun with our 8-Page Coloring Booklets and 4-Page Activity booklets. These coloring activity books for kids provide irresistible fun and a win-win solution for everyone.

Plus, Kidstar can customize your selection with your restaurant’s name, logo, and children’s menu items. With many designs to choose from, you will provide fun for everyone!

Your younger guests will be engaged and entertained while adults can enjoy their meals. Coloring activity books for kids are souvenirs they can bring home with them, too. Soon they’ll be asking their family when they can go back to your restaurant again.

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